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Book Chapters

Book Chapters 2018

Clifford-Holmes JK, Slinger JH, de Wet CJ and Palmer CG (2018) Modelling in the “Muddled Middle”: A Case Study of Water Service Delivery in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Edited by C. Garcia-Diaz & C. Olaya, Social Systems Engineering: The Design of Complexity. Wiley (ISBN: 978-1-118-97445-2).

Umejesi I, Thompson M, Marcello M and Vellemu E (2018) Extract of Africa: Towards the Equitable and Ecologically Sound Governance of Mining and Drilling. Edited by P Mensah, S Hacchigonta, D Katerere and A Roodt, System s Analysis Approach for Complex Globa l Challenges. Springer (ISBN: 978-3-319-71485-l).

Book Chapters 2019

Slinger J (2019) The interdisciplinary challenge. In: A Luijendijk and A van Oudenhoven (eds). The Sand Motor: A nature-based response to climate change. Findings and reflections of the interdisciplinary research programme NatureCoast. Delft University Publishers, Delft, Netherlands. ISBN 978-94-6384-021-7. 192-193

Book Chapters 2020

Weaver MJT (completed, awaiting publisher) Breaching the gap: Translating commissive talk to action in multi-level water governance arrangements. Mushi CA, Ndomba PM, Tshimanga RM, Trigg MA, Neal J, Bola GB, Kabuya PM, Carr A, Beya J, Hughes DA and Bates P (2020) Design and Implementation of a Sediment Sampling Program on the Kasai River, a major tributary of the Congo River. Chapman Congo Conference Monograph, AGU Books.

Tshimanga RM, Bola GB, Kabuya PM, Nkaba L, Neal J, Hawker L, Trigg MA, Bates P, Hughes DA, Laraque A, Woods R and Wagner T (2020) Towards a framework of catchment classification for hydrological predictions and water resources management in the ungauged basin of the Congo River: An a priori approach. Chapman Congo Conference Monograph, AGU Books.

Tshimanga RM, Trigg MA, Neal J, Ndomba P, Hughes DA, Carr AB, Kabuya PM, Bola GB, Mushi CA, Beya JT, Ngandu FK, Mokango GM, Mtalo F and Bates P (2020) New measurements of Congo River water dynamics and sediment transport. Chapman Congo Conference Monograph, AGU Books.

Trigg MA, Tshimanga RM, Ndomba PM, Mtalo FA, Hughes DA, Mushi CA, Bola GB, Kabuya PM, Carr AB, Bernhofen M, Neal J, Beya JT, Ngandu FK, and Bates P (2020) Putting river users at the heart of hydraulics and morphology research in the Congo Basin. Chapman Congo Conference Monograph, AGU Books.

Book Chapters 2021

Dini J, Steenkamp M, Palmer CG and Naidoo D (2021) Chapter 7. Water law and the Water Research Commission In: J. Day; B. Day & J Reizenberg (eds). 2021. WRC@50 - Celebrating a halfcentury of excellence. WRC, Pretoria. WRC Book No. SP 148/21.

Feio MJ, Ranta E, Odume ON (2021) Contribution of Citizens to Preserving Local Freshwater Ecosystems. In: Leal Filho W, Azul AM, Brandli L, Lange Salvia A, Wall T (eds) Clean Water and Sanitation. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable



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