EgĂ­dio Lucas Govate

Title: Hydrogeological characterization and vulnerability analysis of aquifers in Tete City and nearby areas (Zambezi Basin)
Student: Egídio Lucas Govate
Country of origin: Mozambique
University: Eduardo Mondlane University
Degree:  MSc (Geohydrology)
Supervisor: Dr. Elónio Muiuane and Mr Humberto Saeze
Year of registration: 2009

The hydrogeological system in the Zambezi River basin especially in the study area and its recharge area is not well known. The current project has the main objective to improve the level of knowledge about the hydrogeology and the vulnerability of aquifers in the Tete City and its surrounding areas. This will involve characterization of the main units of hydrogeological interest; graphic illustration of source water distribution, draft map hydrodynamic and dynamic levels as well as sequence evaluation of geological layers; zoning protected and recharge areas; and, draft map of water quality with spatial distribution parameters. It is expected that this project will contribute to and improve the level of hydrogeological knowledge, and strengthen programmes for the exploitation and management of groundwater resources in the Zambezi basin particularly in Tete city and its surroundings areas.

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