Amy Richardson

PhD student Amy Richardson


MA, PGCE (Rhodes)

Email: OR

Supervisor: Ralph Adendorff

I am a full-time high school English teacher completing my studies part-time.

Research interests:

  • Discourse Analysis, particularly using SFL and APPRAISAL, especially as these may be applied to provide better true access to education and aid in transformation in education

PhD title:

Doing things differently? A study of multifaceted identity construction through language in a unique, altruistic South African educational institution

My research project arises out of an interest in the need for transformation in traditional models of education in order to meet the demands of a changing and diverse world. It is situated at the intersection of educational and linguistic research and uses a critical ethnographic approach and Martin and White’s (2005) APPRAISAL system to study identity formation in a potentially transformative South African educational institution, through an analysis of the language used in the school. The aim is to examine the follow-through from the school's vision and mission into the messages being given to the students about who they need to be in order to be successful in the school, as well as the official and unofficial identities taken up by the students in response.

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