Moreblessing Chinheya

MA student‌ 

Moreblessing Chinheya

BA (Hons) (Midlands State University)

Research Interests: 

  • Contact Linguistics


MA thesis title:

The Adaptation of English loanwords in Ndau

Supervisor: Ron Simango

The research falls within the broad area of contact linguistics and language change as it deals with lexical borrowing from English into Ndau. The focus will be on the semantic analysis of loanwords and Ndau indigenous words which lie in competition with loanwords. The framework used is that of cognitive lexical semantics (Geeraerts 2009). My thesis examines the lexical items that have been borrowed from English into Ndau. Also, it shows the structural and semantic modifications the loanwords have undergone and on the other hand, the type of semantic modifications have the indigenous words undergone due to the presence of loanwords.

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