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Postgraduate Research In Iron and Manganese Ore Resources

Welcome to PRIMOR!

PRIMOR is a research unit established in the Geology Department at Rhodes University in early 2014. It was initially conceived and ultimately developed as a formal research entity under the leadership of Prof Hari Tsikos and through the generous support of the mining company ASSMANG Ltd. PRIMOR stands for Postgraduate Research in Iron and Manganese Ore Resources; it is a virtual entity, dedicated to the study of iron and manganese deposits and their origins through the involvement of post-graduate research students. The primary goal of PRIMOR is thus to provide a hub for world-class research and training of geoscience graduates at all levels of post-graduate study (Honours to PhD), with chosen focus on the economic geology of iron and manganese.

The first 5-year cycle of PRIMOR will run between the 1st of January 2014 and the 31st of December 2018. During this period, the main focus of PRIMOR will be on the famous iron and manganese deposits of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, through a number of industry-funded research projects at both MSc and PhD level. The primary industry funder of PRIMOR and stakeholder in these projects is ASSMANG Ltd, although selected projects will also be tackled with the collaboration and support of KUMBA IRON-ORE. Interested students wishing to further their studies at post-graduate or post-doctoral level as part of PRIMOR are strongly encouraged to return to this site regularly in future, and to contact Prof Tsikos via e-mail in the first instance.

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