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Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Ichthyology

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The undergraduate Ichthyology course is a two year course, starting in the second year of the undergraduate degree, comprising Ichthyology II in second year, and Ichthyology III in third year.

To register for Ichthyology II there are five pre-requisite, first-year level, credits that must be obtained: Cell Biology 101, Zoology 101, Botany 102, Chemistry 101 & 102. With permission, Chemistry credits may be done concurrently with credits in Ichthyology. Refer to the Rhodes University Calendar (page 179) for further details.

To major in Ichthyology (i.e. register for Ichthyology III) there are four pre-requisite credits needed: Ichthyology 201 & 202, and any 2 of the following - Computer Science 101, Computer Science 102, Statistics 1D, Statistics 101, Statistics 102, Mathematics 1S, Mathematics 1C1, Mathematics 1C.

If uncertain, consult the Rhodes University Calendar, or contact the office of the Dean of Science.

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