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‌Please find below an archive of previous papers presented to the Department of Political and International Studies. Papers are sorted alphabetically by authors surname first.


Acharya, Amitav - Dissent & Diversity in the Global Order
Agbedahin, Komlan - Researching in an African war-torn zone: A walk in a minefield with war profiteers?
Alexander, Peter - Class in Soweto
Anciano, Fiona - Agents of Change? Post-Apartheid Social Movements


Barrett, Georgina - Markets of Routine Exceptionalism: Peace Parks in Southern Africa
Bowler, Danielle - Contested Constructions of Colouredness & the Kuli Roberts Saga
Brown, Julian - A Presumed Equality: A case study of the relationship between state and citizens in post-apartheid South Africa
Bruschhausen, Sarah - Understanding Marikana through the Mpondo revolts
Buhlungu, Sakhela - COSATU and the contested meaning of Polokwane 2007


Chance, Kerry - The Work of Violence: Armed Attacks at the Kennedy Road Settlement


Duncan, Jane - Voice, political mobilisation and repression under Jacob Zuma



Famiglietti, Antonio - The decline of the alter-globalization movement in Italy: towards the end of conflict?


Gibbs, Tim - Ah! Dilintzaba! - “The One Who Breaks Down Barriers”: Pathekile Holomisa, a networked chief
Gibson, Nigel - The New North African Syndrome
Good, Ken - The Capacities of the People Versus a Predominant, Militarist, Ethno-Nationalist Elite: Democratisation in South Africa c. 1973-1997


Headley, Clevis - Monahan on the Ontology of Race: Race, Being, and the Politics of Purity
Helliker, Kirk - Civil Society & Emancipation in Zimbabwe
Helliker, Kirk - Debunking Civil Society in Zimbabwe and ‘Most of the World’
Helliker, K - NGOs: Undermining Rural Struggles in Post-Apartheid South Africa?
Helliker, K - White commercial farms
Henderson, P - A Kinship of Bones: Introduction
Henderson, P - A Kinship of Bones: Love in a Time of Adversity
Huchzermeyer, Marie - South Africa's drive to eradicate informal settlements - a conceptual and global perspective
Hunter, Mark - Love in the Time of AIDS: Inequality, Gender, and Rights in South Africa



Jagarnath, Vashna - The Diary as “The mirror of the self": An interrogation of the impact of diary writing on the development of Gandhi’s philosophical and political ideology
Jamal, Ashraf - The Indian Ocean as Idea


Kate, Tarak - Challenges of Rural Development



Magadla, Siphokazi - Escaping the Enemy from Within: The political economy of post-colonial diasporas - lessons from Liberia
Magadla, Siphokazi - The Personal Is the International
Mathews, Sally - Renouncing Privilege, Using Privilege
McMichael, Christopher - The World Cup and Critique
Miyewa, Thenjiwe - 'Till Death do Us Part': Names Politics and Women's Experiences Following a Change in Marital Status
Msindo, Enocent - Towards a New Understanding of Nationalism in Zimbabwe: Ideologies, Alternatives Platforms, and the Place of Violence
Mosoetsa, Sarah - "I remain an ANC member, but …”: civil society in Mpumalanga and Enhlalakahle
Mutizwa-Mangiza, Shingai - Party Organisation in Kenya


Naicker, Camalita - Marikana: Taking a Subaltern Sphere of Politics Seriously
Neocosmos, Michael - Thinking Human Emancipation and the Social Sciences in Africa
Neocosmos, Michael - Transition, Human Rights & Violence: rethinking a liberal political relationship in an African neo-colony
Neocosmos, M - Are Those-Who-Do-Not-Count Capable of Reason? Thinking Political Subjectivity in the (Neo-)Colonial World and the Limits of History


Oliver, B - The Tacit Assumptions Guiding Research and Teaching
Ossome, L - Democracy’s Subjections: Human Rights in Contexts of Scarcity


Patel, Raj - A Political Economy of Some 21st Century Food Rebellions
Pithouse, Richard - Fidelity to Fanon
Pithouse, Richard - Political Significance of the Local
Pithouse, Richard - The Shack Settlement as a Site of Politics
Praeg, Leonhard - Philosophy and Teaching as Transformation
Prevost, Gary - Social Movements and Leftist Governments in Latin America
Polakow-Suransky, Sasha - Brothers in Arms: a Military Alliance is Born



Roberts, Jaine - The Social Epidemiology of Silicosis: The hidden epidemic of silicotic gold miners in the Eastern Cape - A social disease with medical aspects, and a travesty of justice.
Rose, John - In Praise of the Sun: Zodiac Sun-Gods in Galilee Synagogues and the Palestinian Heritage
Rose, John - The Impact of Egypt's Upheavals on the Middle East Peace Process


Sparks, Stephen - Between ‘artificial economics’ and ‘the discipline of market forces’: SASOL, from State Corporation to Privatisation


Tsampiras, Carla - Not So 'Gay' After All - Constructing (Homo)Sexuality in AIDS Research in the South African Medical Journal


Ulrich, N - Rethinking Citizenship and Subjecthood in Southern Africa: KhoiSan, labour relations, and the colonial state in the Cape of Good Hope (c.1652-1815)


van der Walt, L - Anarchism, Syndicalism and Violent Anti-imperialism in the Colonial and Post-colonial World, 1870-1940
van Niekerk, Robert - Social Policy, Social Citizenship and the Historical Idea of a Social Democratic Welfare State in South Africa





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