Blue Route

Remember you are safer when walking in a group, especially at night.

  • Use the 'Blue Security Route' along Prince Alfred Street and on St Peters Campus, this route has additional guards patrolling it and is well lit. These routes are signposted. Avoid areas of campus which are away from these routes and are deserted.

  • Get into a habit of being escorted by a CPU guard when walking late at night within the Rhodes campus. The CPU guard will require your student number to radio the CPU main office to log the escort (this is for your own safety to avoid criminals posing as guards). Hi-Tec guards do not offer the service of an escort but can call a CPU guard to escort you. Please note CPU guards can unfortunately not escort students to areas outside the University campus.

  • Avoid walking in dark and deserted areas.

  • Do not accept a lift in a vehicle driven by a stranger or someone under the influence of alcohol.

  • If used correctly, pepper spray could assist in your defence (available from the SRC).

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 046-603.8146/7 or 8999 (emergencies)

  • Email: cpu(at)

  • Map: search "Campus Protection Unit" at

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