Tips for students living off campus

Students who reside off campus should be very aware of potential crime situations, as incidents of crime are higher off campus. When deciding on a digs choose a property that has good security systems i.e. burglar bars and gates, an alarm system or panic buttons with armed response.

If the property does not have off-street parking always remove your car radio and invest in a car alarm, gear lock or steering wheel lock and anti-theft wheel nuts (this advice applies to students residing on campus as well).

Communicate with fellow digs mates in terms of security guidelines – i.e. be aware of who has access to keys for the property, ensure that whoever leaves the property last checks that it is secure (all windows and doors locked and the alarm system is armed), and notify each other as to when digsmates are away or working late, etc. If the property has a perimeter fence and gates make it a habit to keep the gates locked at all times, this will discourage criminals from coming onto the property on the pretext of looking for work etc.

Insure your valuable items and note serial numbers, make and model of electronic goods. When going on holiday take all valuable items with you and ensure that the property is very well secured before departing. Notify the armed response company/neighbour of the dates that you will be away.

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