Support Services

After hours emergency maintenance services

  • Campus Protection Unit 046-603.8146/7: for any work required in an emergency (e.g. burst pipe, blocked drain, broken window, etc) - after hours - on Rhodes University campus, first contact the CPU. The CPU will then contact the relevant artisans to carry out required repairs or emergency measures.

Personal support services

On-campus services are available to support staff and students:

  • Health Care Centre (HCC): corner of Rhodes & Lucas Avenue, open Monday to Friday, 08h00-17h00. Tel: 046-603.8523. Email: healthcarecentre(at) After hours EMERGENCY: 082-801.1409.

  • Student Counselling Centre: top floor of Bantu Steve Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street, open Monday to Friday, 08h00-17h00. Tel: 046-603.7070. Email counsellingcentre(at) / d.gelderbloem(at) After hours EMERGENCY: 082-803.0177

  • Psychology Clinic: Rhodes Avenue: 046-603.8502

  • Lifeline: 08000-55555

  • RU Anti-Harassment Officer: Email Acting Deputy Dean of Students, Dr Colleen Vassiliou, c.vassiliou(at) or call 046 603 8181

Policies and procedures are also in place to support staff and students in the event of harassment or sexual assault.

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 046-603.8146/7 or 8999 (emergencies)

  • Email: cpu(at)

  • Map: search "Campus Protection Unit" at

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