Crime Prevention

Common sense is your best defence and it is important to realise that responsibility for personal safety rests with the individual. The best method to prevent crime is to be aware of your surroundings and the people in your environment. Be aware that your ability to do this will be severely impaired when under the influence of alcohol. It is an established fact that a high percentage of violent crime and serious injuries are alcohol related. Always be alert for suspicious persons in and around campus buildings and in parking areas. Criminals rely on the community being indifferent and ‘minding their own business’.

Ask yourself:

  • Are they loitering for no apparent reason?

  • Are they looking into cars?

  • Are they going from room to room trying doorknobs?

  • Are they carrying valuable property from buildings after normal lecture/working hours?

  • Do not pursue them - call the CPU.

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 046-603.8146/7 or 8999 (emergencies)

  • Email: cpu(at)

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