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Protecting your personal property

Theft is the most common crime on campus. The best means of prevention is to reduce or remove the opportunity for potential criminals.

Some security tips:

  • Whenever you leave your residence, office or laboratory, lock the door and close all windows.

  • When storing a valuable item or a purse or a wallet, lock it in a filing cabinet or cupboard.

  • Do not leave bags unsupervised in open public areas especially in cafeterias and the library.

  • Keep your cell phone on you at all times (preferably out of sight) as these are highly desirable and sought after by criminals.

  • Keep a record of serial numbers and descriptions of your valuables.

  • Never leave items on display, i.e. jackets and valuables inside your car.

  • Invest in car gear-locks or steering wheel locks and anti-theft wheel-nuts.

  • Do not leave house keys hidden in an expected area such as under a doormat etc.

  • Know your neighbours – they can keep an eye on your rooms/digs when you are not there.

  • Do not leave any messages on your door to indicate that you will be away for any length of time.

  • Do not keep large sums of money inside your room.

  • Take your valuables with you when you go on holiday.

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 046-603.8146/7 or 8999 (emergencies)

  • Email: cpu(at)ru.ac.za

  • Map: search "Campus Protection Unit" at www.ru.ac.za/maps

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