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Standing Instructions for Staff & Students

What to do in case of a fire emergency on campus

  • Raise the alarm & immediately call CPU EMERGENCY NUMBER 046 603 8999 - no matter how small the fire.
  • In residences, inform the Warden or any other authorised person on duty as soon as possible.

  • Follow the building Evacuation procedure (see below) and try check that everyone is out the building.

  • Only attempt to extinguish the fire if you can do so without endangering yourself.

Managers or heads of department (or their designees) are responsible for ensuring the following in their areas:

Simple instructions on what to do in the event of a major emergency or crisis on campus:

  1. Call 046 603 8999 - Campus Protection Unit (CPU) — the first contact point. Only one phone call needs be made. Use your cell phone if necessary.

  2. Emergency Procedure: Follow your building's emergency procedures.

  3. Radio: If all telephones are out of order, it is recommended that you switch on a radio and tune into local radio stations RMR (89.7FM) and/or Radio Grahamstown (102.1FM) or, if no signal, SAFM (96.7FM) as it is possible that announcements may be made about the emergency.

  4. Website: Announcements about the emergency will also be available on the University's emergency web page, http://crisis.ru.ac.za/

List of Emergency numbers: a list for your noticeboard - Emergency Contact List

CPU Emergency number

Do not assume that the CPU has already learned about the emergency. Any member of the Rhodes University community, staff or student, should immediately communicate any information regarding any emergency to the CPU. This will streamline the process and ensure that an emergency situation can be quickly and efficiently managed. The CPU will in turn liaise with the other people through the Emergency Management and Response Network so that information is quickly and appropriately disseminated:


On campus: dial 8999

Off campus: dial 046 603 8999

As much information as possible should be communicated to CPU, but at a minimum this should include:

  • Nature of emergency, including extent of damage and possible assistance required
  • Location of emergency
  • How information was received
  • Time the information was received

Rhodes University Emergency Management Plan

For a comprehensive framework for coordinating efforts by senior management and operational staff - the primary responders in an emergency - visit the link Crisis Management.

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