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The JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience saw an exciting debut of FPTC’s new triple-bill production, consisting of three original works by Athina Vahla and Nomcebisi Moyikwa. Vahla’s Dead Ringer, featuring Laverne Botha, was shown alongside her latest creation for the company, Standing Taller than Liberty. An extended version of Moyikwa’s well-received Caught was the third work sent by the company.

The festival’s vision is to "offer world class dance theatre that challenges audiences out of passive lethargic viewership; asking that we come to the myriad festival offerings (performances, workshops and classes) with the intention to be shocked, surprised, entertained and above all, to celebrate a critical art form" (http://www.cca.ukzn.ac.za/index.php/jomba-articles/518-16th-jomba-2014-gpr). First Physical Theatre Company is proud to support festivals which uplift South African contemporary dance.

The Company also hosted a workshop, as well as a feedback discussion with Athina Vahla about the works performed.

The festival took place from 27 August to 7 September 2014.

Source:  First Physical Theatre Company

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