Our warmest congratulations to Kutala Tshongoyi, Khunjuzwa Menze and their kitchen support staff (Cooks and Kitchen Assistants) who have won two awards in 2015.

The first award was under the small kitchens awards for being the most hygienic and the second award being the Kitchen of the Year award out of all kitchens on campus.

Our best wishes to Kutala and Khunjuzwa and their kitchen cooks and assistants who set the standard of excellence. We are very proud of you.

Founders Kitchen staff

The Rhodes University Catering Department provides on a daily basis, convenient and flexible access to a variety of value-for-money, nutritious, tasty and well-balanced meals in an environment that is friendly, hospitable and hygienic.

"We aim to be our customers' first choice when it comes to choosing good food and excellent service."


Catering Services, as part of the Residential Operations Division, provides a support service which complements and enriches the students' educational experience, and in doing so strives to ensure an environment in which students can reach their full potential.

For any catering related queries:

Mr Simon Wright
Tel: +27-046-603-8805

The Caterers for Founders  Hall are:

  • Ms Kutala Tshongoyi
  • Ms Khunjuzwa Menze

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