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The College House was built in 1913 and had its first student intake in 1914. The College House, as it is the position with the rest of the Founder’s Hall houses, is centrally located and close to the lecture rooms, the library, and administrative offices and to the university recreational grounds.

It is a male residence and its students are affectionately known as The College Knights. There is a long history of excellence as our old boys are found in high positions of responsibility throughout the world. It is the house that serves as a model for the highly successful Rhodes University residence system. Before The College House came into being there was no residence system to speak of at the then Rhodes University College. The Founder’s dining hall was built in 1920. This was a natural progression as the existence of The College House had made it possible for the then College Council to realise that there was a need for students "to feed together under proper and seemly conditions".

Rhodes is where leaders learn and The College House is amongst the houses that provide the conditions that are conducive to excellent academic and sporting achievement. The house prides itself for producing the most number of Hall Senior Students in the past decade. The Rhodes residence system is the best in the country and The College house served as the universities point of reference in making the dreams of the then College Council a reality and to achieve the position it occupies amongst other university residences.



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