Cory House

Established in 1945, Cory House boasts the pride of being part of an esteemed establishment in the form of The Founders’ Hall, with the honour of being named after one of the actual founders of the then Rhodes University College, Sir George Cory.

Built at the end of the Second World War, the ethos at Cory House was inspired by the spirit of the time, a brotherly Rangers’ spirit motivated to cherish and celebrate the bond between colleagues and friends, to live everyday as blood brothers would, with respect for one another and comradery at the fore of our existence. In this light, the gentlemen at Cory House are best referred to as The Cory Rangers, an intimate group of esteemed brothers whose passion and spirit for the house and the greater Founders’ Hall form an integral part of a proud unit, teeming with true tradition and defining characteristics.

The Cory Rangers are a traditionally hard-working lot with a true sense of responsibility, committing themselves fully to all of their engagements and seeking the best out of themselves in all of their pursuits. For this reason, Cory House has assumed the identity in the university of being the house “where leaders live” as year after year, the house boasts housing leading members of the Student Representative Council (SRC), having hosted two past presidents and a number of committee members. The Cory Rangers stand today proud of yesterday and looking forward to tomorrow, leading the lot where leaders learn and living the true gentleman’s spirit of the greatest hall of residence in all of the country, The Founders’ Hall.

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