Hall Fellows

Founders Hall has four Fellows: Prof Graham Glover, Prof Charles Young, Mr Andrew Todd and Prof Gavin Fraser. The Fellows act as advisors to the students and shall enjoy the privilege of dining and participating in the cultural and social events within the Hall.

A Fellow is expected to serve as role models for the personal and academic growth and integration of the student Members of the Hall; Act as advisors and mentors to Members of the Hall; Act as external consultants to the Master of the Hall; Where they are able, champion the Hall’s needs to the relevant University authorities.

Professor Graham Glover

Graham Glover

Associate Professor: Faculty of Law

Email: g.glover@ru.ac.za

Prof Graham Glover teaches courses in Contract, Sale, Insurance, Unjustified Enrichment, and also teaches part of Legal Skills. He received his PhD degree in 2004 for a thesis entitled The Doctrine of Duress in the Law of Contract and Unjustified Enrichment in South Africa. Prof Glover’s research interests are mainly in the field of contract law: he has published several journal articles in this area of law, and he has been invited to become co-author of the next editions of Professor Kerr’s The Principles of the Law of Contract and The Law of Sale and Lease. In 2006 he compiled and edited the book, Essays in Honour of AJ Kerr, a festschrift honouring Professor Kerr’s outstanding contribution to legal academia in South Africa. He also contributes the chapter on Divorce to the Family Law Service. In 2010 he became the Managing Editor of the South African Law Journal.

Professor Charles Young

Charles Young

Associate Professor: Psychology

Email: c.young@ru.ac.za

Professor Charles Young is an Associate Processor and counselling Psychologist and programme coordinator for Profession Training in Counselling Psychology. He has completed has been appointed by the Minister of Health to the Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professions Council for a five year term starting on 1 July 2015. Professor Charles Young recently attended the 2nd Australian Psychological Society’s College of Counselling Psychologists Conference that was held in Melbourne, from 26 February to 1 March 2015, with the theme of Experts in Mental Health. His teaching area includes Cognitive Therapy (Masters), Psychological Aspects of HIV Infection (Honours & Masters), Counselling Psychology Professional Practice (Masters) and Posttraumatic Stress (Honours & Masters).  His main research interests are Student mental health and wellbeing, Alcohol and substance abuse, Trauma and posttraumatic stress, HIV infection and mental health, the development and adaptation of psychotherapy outcome measures and counselling psychology professional practice.

Mr Andrew Todd

Andrew Todd

Lecturer: Human Kinetics & Ergonomics

Email: a.todd@ru.ac.za

Mr Andrew Todd completed his Master of Science degree in Ergonomics in the HKE department in 2001 (Project Title: Selected Physiological and Psychophysical Responses of Infantry Males and Females Marching Under Varying Combinations of Speed, Load and Gradient).

He is a currently a lecturer in the Department of Human Kinetics and Ergonomics, where he lectures primarily in the area of biomechanics and gait analysis. He is also responsible for teaching courses in fundamental biomechanics and functional anthropometry. He is the Webmaster for the HKE department and is the third year course co-ordinator.?His main research interests are the biomechanical impact of manual materials handling devices commonly used in industry and the determination of the financial benefits of Ergonomics interventions.

Current PhD Research: Pushing and pulling factors influencing worker efficiency in South African industry: An Ergonomic Investigation

Professor Gavin Fraser

Gavin Fraser

Professor: Economics and Economic History

Email: g.fraser@ru.ac.za

Gavin has supervised seven Doctoral theses and is currently supervising two more, as well as 17 Masters Dissertations with a further five in progress. He has also been an external examiner at several South African universities as well as at the universities of Botswana and Lesotho.In his personal research he has participated in projects funded by the European Union, USAID, and the Flemish Government. With his specialisation in agricultural and environmental economics, he is frequently involved with enquiries into the economic and environmental sustainability of agricultural practices in the country and on the continent and has authored seven research reports and six consulting reports on this subject.Given the particular focus of his research, Gavin has been professionally involved in several bodies, including the International Association of Agricultural Economics. He has been a member of the management committee, vice-president and more recently an honorary member of the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa and was formerly a chairman of the Eastern Cape Branch and a council member of the Economic Society of South Africa.



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