The duty of a Warden is ensuring the smooth running of the house. This includes making sure that the rules of the house are adhered to; and with the support of the sub-wardens and house comm ensuring that students feel comfortable and enjoy living within the res. They are always available to help and advise students, but their function is not that of surrogate parent or 'watchdog'. They are mainly responsible for the day-to-day running of the Hall or House and ensure the provision of an environment within the residence which is conducive to the development and success of its students at the University.

House wardening is a part time role for all wardens. Wardens usually have full time jobs during the business hours of the week. This is important to note as wardens are only available in the residence during the weekends and evenings. This is why the house is made up of a house-comm and sub-wardens, each with their own portfolio in managing the residence. 

Founders Hall Master & Botha House Warden

Gary Steele

Gary Steele

Mr Gary Steele is not just only the House Warden of Botha House, but also the Master of Founders' Hall since 2014. He is a Lecturer in Psychology, as well as teh Deputy Directos of CASRA. Mr Steele has been part of the wardening system for over 8 years, as he first was a warden at De Beers house, before applying for the Hall Master's position at Founders Hall.

  • Tel (H)- 046 603 8019
  • Tel (W) - 046 603 8504
  • Cell - 084 622 4000
  • E-mail- g.steele@ru.ac.za

College House Warden

Philani Mashazi

Dr Philani Mashazi

Dr Mashazi is a Senior Lecturer of Inorganic Chemistry since October 2013 at  Rhodes University Chemistry Department . Dr Philani is well known with the residential system, being a student at Rhodes University before.

  • Tel (H)- 046 603 8020
  • Tel (W) - 046 603 8846
  • Cell - 071 892 4560
  • e-mail- p.mashazi@ru.ac.za

Cory House Warden

Eric Matambo

Matthews House Warden

Tinashe Ndoro

Tinashe Ndoro

Tinashe Ndoro was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is currently a PhD student at Rhodes University. He possesses an undergraduate degree in B Com (Economics and Industrial Psychology), a B Com Honours degree in Organisational/Industrial Psychology and a M Com in Research Psychology from Rhodes University. He has experience in lecturing and supervision of Organisational/Industrial Psychology at Rhodes University.

Title of Research: Entrepreneurial competencies: A grounded theory study of Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs in SMME in South Africa.

Tinashe's dissertation focuses on exploring the entrepreneurial competencies demonstrated by immigrant Chinese entrepreneurs in SMME in South Africa. The study seeks to understand how these entrepreneurial competencies develop and how they ensure entrepreneurial success.

  • Tel (H)  – 046 603 8022
  • Tel (w) - 046 603 8742
  • Cell – 073 698 8048
  • Email – t.ndoro@ru.ac.za

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