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Hall Values


We, the Members of The Founders’ Hall, being aware of the values which underlie an open and democratic society and which are enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996:

l Take into account the diverse cultural, religious, political and economic backgrounds of our Members;

l Are mindful of the central role and obligations of students in higher education to serve the wider interests of the community;

l Enjoin all Members to instil and nurture a culture of learning, research, tolerance, dignity and understanding in higher education;

l Envision a Hall where all Members reach the full extent of their potential in all academic, sporting, cultural and social endeavours.


In keeping with the Preamble and its vision, the Members of the Hall shall subscribe to, and seek to live by, the principles of:


Assuming always full responsibility for their actions, and accepting their opportunities to fulfil their academic, social and moral obligations.


Realising that they must live closely and harmoniously with others in the spirit of tolerance and community, and that they must give respectful consideration: to each Member’s privacy; to the cultural, political and religious practices of its Members; to the community property of the Hall; and to the personal property of each of its Members.


Being tolerant, generous and considerate in their relationships with others, and courteous in their attitudes toward fellow Members of the Hall.


Believing that it is only right and proper to be just and fair in their dealings with fellow students; to condemn no-one without giving that person a chance to defend himself; to consider all factors before forming an opinion of another’s motives, or before passing judgement on another’s actions.


Acting with reasonable restraint, organising their time commitments in a sensible and balanced fashion, and not indulging in excessive behaviour that brings disrepute to themselves, to the Hall, or to the University.


Recognising the value of hard work and diligent effort as the cornerstone of personal development and progress in Hall and community tasks.


Recognising the value of helpful service to others, either in their personal relationships with others, as leaders in the Hall, or in the context of the needs of those who are less fortunate in the wider community.


Accepting that humbleness of spirit is a proper attitude to maintain in their relationships with their associates.


Knowing that honesty, truthfulness and sincerity are necessary attributes of good character.

Hall Values

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