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Dingemans House Leadership Team

The Dingemans House Leadership Team comprises of the House Warden, Sub-Wardens and annually selected Dingemans House students. Your House Warden, Sub-Wardens and House Committee Members carry the responsibility for Residence students and aim, with their co-operation, to create a friendly and comfortable environment in which students are able to pursue their academic objectives and to achieve personal growth.

The House Warden takes an interest in students' ideas and issues and together with the Leadership Team, they are involved in the planning and organisation of Residence life.

The Leadership Team have the responsibility to see that the rules of the Residence and of the University are adhered to. The Leadership Term organises numerous activities throughout the year in order to maintain a balanced Residence experience.

Dingemans House Leadership team consists of the following portfolios:- three Sub-Wardens, a Head Student, the Hall Senior Student, a Sports & Wellness Representative, Secretary & Student Networking & Treasurer Representative, an Academic & Transformation Representative and an Entertainment & Food Representative. 

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