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Welcome to the Hobson Hall

Welcome to the Hobson Hall family whether you are a new student or a returning student. We hope you enjoy your stay with us in beautiful surroundings, make meaningful friendships and happy memories that stay with you forever. We also encourage you to immerse yourselves fully in the life of your Residence and Hall and utilise your strengths to contribute to the everyday running of the Hall and the lives of its residents.

We, the students and staff of Hobson Hall, acknowledge the challenges facing us in a diverse community with varying backgrounds, cultures and history. Working together, we will strive to build an environment of fellowship and equality and the pursuit of academic excellence. 

We will endeavour to create a harmonious residential environment based on the principles of respect for each other in the spirit of democracy, encouraging each member of the Hall to reach their potential.

Hobson Hall is made up of five undergraduate residences and one postgraduate residence.

We are centrally situated on campus close to the Librarysports facilities and lecture theatres.

Each residence has its own House Warden, Sub-Wardens, Head Student and House Committee members that collectively run the residence. The Hall Warden is responsible for the general running of the Hall and is assisted by our Wardens and Hall Administrator.

All the residents of the Hall eat in our central Hobson Dining Hall – meals are a relaxing time to catch up with your friends and enjoy dining in a casual atmosphere.

In Hobson Hall, we value Academic Excellence, a spirit of Community and a “work hard, play hard”. We are, in a sense, a large family who are respectful of each other and the residents use this incredible opportunity at a wonderful educational institution to the full.

So get involved in leadership roles in the University, offer your services in community engagement, take part in Inter-Res sports, join societies and participate fully in a wonderful Hall that has a dynamic ethos.

I wish you well during your stay at Hobson Hall and I hope you will achieve your goals in all spheres of your life here (academic, sporting, cultural, leadership and community). 

How to find Hobson Hall

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