Welcome to Dingemans House

Dingemans House is one of five residences and postgraduate accommodation that forms Hobson Hall. We are a small community of approximately 360 students.  This makes it possible to get to know other students in the hall as well as in Dingemans which houses 76 students.

Your Warden, Ms Tracey Chambers, the Sub-Wardens, the Head Student and the House Committee would like to give you a warm welcome to your new home.  We will offer you a sisterly supportive environment so that you and your parents have peace of mind as you transition from your old school and home to our beautiful campus.   

We therefore strive to ensure that you settle in as quickly and as comfortably as possible and that your experience of residence life is one that aids your academic endeavours while providing you with life-long friendships and memories. 

Each Dingemans student has their own bedroom (no sharing!!!!), fully furnished and equipped with a hand basin.  A bathroom, shower and toilets are shared by eight students; we pride ourselves in keeping these spaces neat, tidy and hygienic. Dingemans is the only residence at Rhodes University with a flat roof, a venue used often for sunset viewing, chilling, sun-tanning and socialising. There are two common rooms, a kitchen and laundry.  The kitchen has a microwave and two fridges but NO COOKING facilities are available or allowed.

Dingemans is a part of the lower campus and is near the library, computer laboratories, most lecture venues, Eden Grove and the Steve Biko Union buildings (the swimming pool is found here). Campus Protection and the Health Care Centre are right on our doorstep. 

WARDEN: Ms Tracey Chambers

E-mail: t.chambers@ru.ac.za

Tel: 046 603 8288 (Office)

Tel: 046 603 8025 (Residence) 

Cell: 082 802 8108


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