Hobson Dining Hall Rules


  1. Crockery, cutlery or glasses MAY NOT be removed from the Dining Hall without permission from the Caterer.
  2. Students to treat the Dining Hall facilities with respect at all times. Courtesy towards the Catering Staff and fellow students is expected at all times.
  3. Students MAY NOT take food out of the Dining Hall except the students own portion of bread and fruit for the day (bread: two slices for breakfast and lunch and four slices for supper).
  4. No meals may be served in rooms without written permission from a Warden and this will only be granted to sick or injured students on a temporary basis.  Students who are unable to eat in the dining hall for longer periods must consult with their Warden so that a longer term solution can be considered. Should you be too ill to eat in the Dining Hall you should report to the Health Care Centre for medical assistance.  
  5. No one is permitted to remove food from the Dining Hall on plates, in plastic containers or in any other containers. No food may be taken out of the Dining Hall except the student’s OWN PORTION of fruit and bread.
  6. No one may enter the Dining Hall for any reason other than for a meal and having booked a meal.
  7. Students may not come into Dining Hall with bare feet. (For safety reasons-Glass breakages).
  8. You may not share your meal with anyone that does not have a meal booked.
  9. Students are expected to be appropriately dressed for meals and footwear must be worn (you can wear slippers on condition that they have proper solid soles. NO pyjamas allowed).
  10. All meals are served on a cafeteria type basis.
  11. Meals are block booked for the entire year, and on Registration, the student is booked into a specific diet, e.g. Vegetarian, Halaal, Default etc. If a meal is not required it must be un-booked 48 hours ahead. Those meals un-booked during the year are credited to the student’s account on the last day of the 2nd Term and last day of the 4th Term. (Limited to the amount in the Fees Booklet).
  13. A meal may be un-booked and two meals booked in its place should a student wish to bring a guest into the Dining Hall for a meal.
  14. Students ARE NOT allowed in the Kitchen / Servery area unless accompanied by a member of the Catering Staff.
  15. The possession and or consumption of liquor in the Dining Hall is STRICTLY PROHIBITED except at Formal Dinners. Entering the Dining Hall under the influence of alcohol is strictly not permitted.
  16. Smoking is not permitted within the precinct of the Dining Hall.
  17. Students may request a “packed meal” by completing the relevant documentation required – obtainable from the Kitchen or Hall Administrator's Office, and handing in such form timeously (48 Hours before required date).
  18. If plates, cups, cutlery etc. belonging to the University are found in Residences, students will be charged accordingly.


  1. Any complaints about the food or service in the Dining Hall must be recorded in the “Food Comments” book provided in each House OR email your complaints/photos to hobsonhall@ru.ac.za.
  2. The elected House Food Representative will direct your comments or complaints to the Manager Catering Services and Hall Warden.


  1. Several special functions are held during the year - dates are announced in advance.
  2. Punctuality is requested.
  3. Please keep the noise levels down at all times.

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