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Hobson House

Hobson House consists of 74 students. Hobson House has a dedicated study room equipped with a printer and two computers, the main common room is equipped with comfortable chairs and a television. There are kitchen facilities supplied with a communal microwave and fridge. There are showers and toilets available on each floor. The Residence has a laundry area with washing machines and tumble dryers.

Students in the Residence can connect to Resnet (internet access) in their rooms through WiFi. Technical support is typically provided by the Student Networking Representative of Hobson House. Printing facilities are also available in the Residence and it is charged on each student’s printing balance found online on the Rhodes University Student Support System (ROSS). 

The rooms are spacious and well equipped with: 

  • WiFi,
  • a single bed and mattress,
  • a bedside cupboard,
  • a mirror,
  • a study table and chair,
  • a bookcase,
  • a desk lamp,
  • a wardrobe,
  • a notice board,
  • a wall-mounted bar heater,
  • a waste paper basket,
  • a shower basin,
  • a shower mat and 
  • a water bucket.

Students are provided with linen by the Housekeeping staff:- duvet, duvet cover, bedding sheet, mattress cover, two pillows, two pillowcases, winter blanket, curtains and inner net curtains. Students can bring their own linen but they are then responsible for the laundering. In addition, you may like to bring items like a pot plant, scatter cushions, etc to make you feel at home. 

Maintenance and cleaning of each of the Residence is attended to by Rhodes Housekeeping staff on a daily basis. Students are expected to maintain order in their personal rooms for the duration of their stay.  







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