Welcome to Livingstone House

Hello and a warm welcome to Livingstone House. Livingstone House is one of the four undergraduate residences that make up Hobson Hall. There are 36 students residing in Livingstone House. Participation and house spirit are valued in Livingstone House. There is also a strong emphasis on student leadership.

The House Warden of Livingstone House is Ms. Zukiswa Kota. The House is led by a strong student leadership team supported by Zukiswa Kota. An Alumni of the Hall herself, Zukiswa is also responsible for postgraduate annexes: 5 Gilbert Street and 6 Gilbert Street as well as the Postgraduate Units situated near Livingstone House.

The house strives to be a home away from home. Academic excellence and good social well-being are encouraged in the house. The House is also supported by driven house committee members that play a huge part in creating a family in the house. 


WARDEN: Ms Zukiswa Kota

E-mail: z.kota@ru.ac.za

Tel: 046 603 8583 (Office)

Tel: 046 603 8826 (Residence) 

Cell: 064 870 5700


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