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Welcome to Milner House

Milner House is a beautiful Residence situated on the doorstep of main campus. Hobson Hall is one of the top academic Halls and there is a healthy spirit of competition of which residence wins the accolade of top academic residence at Rhodes. In Milner House there is a wonderful mix of culture, religion and personality which come together to create a beautiful diverse environment for self-discovery and personal growth. We not only encourage academic excellence but also a more holistic education which encourages the development of well-rounded individuals.

To help you settle in to Milner House and life at Rhodes, we have a student leadership team of well trained individuals who will not only assist you with any issues that you may have but also to encourage participation in Inter residence sports, community engagement, environmental and social events. 

The warden of Milner House is Mrs Michelle Isaacs, she lives with her husband and 2 children in a flat attached to the Residence.  The wardens job is to ensure the smooth running of the residence and to support each student during their time at Rhodes.  She has an open door policy encouraging students to just pop in for a chat and is always ready to listen.  She has a Masters degree in Microbiology from Rhodes University.  Michelle is supported by Subwardens who live in the residence with the students and help maintain discipline as well as being available to support individuals day and night.

We look forward to welcoming you to Milner House and help you settle into your new home.  This is where you will meet new people, make new friends, grow, question, discover and ultimately achieve your goal of a degree.


WARDEN: Mrs Michelle Isaacs

046 603 8855 (H); 082 747 9210 (C);  m.isaacs@ru.ac.za; 



Lindeka Namba


Joy Mahamba

Head Student

Senate Marakabei

Hall Senior Student

Yamkela Koti

Hall SRC Rep

Precious Mfeka


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