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sabar drummers at a typical tànnibéer (late night sabar dance party) in 2005
sabar drummers at a typical tànnibéer (late night sabar dance party) in 2005


Trujillo, Andrea. Carangano and women: Story of an instrument threatened with extinction.”

Mora, Manolete. “ ‘This country of China is tough’: Nigerian immigrant music making in Guangzhou, China.”

Tang, Patricia. “Twenty-first century sabar drums: Innovations in organology and performance practices in Senegal and the diaspora.”

Olusegun, Titus. “Ecomusicology, indigenous knowledge and environmental degradation in Ibadan, Nigeria.”

Gbagbo, Divine Kwasi and D Rose Elder. “Storytelling songs of the Ewe-Dome of Ghana.”

Darkwa Asare, Amos. “Singing the healing: The rituals of the Twelve Apostles Church in Ghana.”

Roux, Gerhard. “Still recording African music in the field.”

There are 4 book reviews: Muslim women sing-Hausa popular song; Music education in Africa-Concept, process, and practice; Hip hop in Africa-Prophets of the City and dusty foot philosophers; Tracing the mbira sound archive in Zimbabwe. And a review of Mantombi Matotiyana’s CD, “Songs of greeting, healing and heritage.”


Source:  ILAM

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