The presence of the International Library of African Music (ILAM) on the Rhodes University campus affords unique opportunities for ethnomusicology students.

The Ethnomusicology Programme, offered through the International Library of African Music and the Rhodes University Department of Music and Musicology, provides undergraduate courses years 1 through 4, plus post graduate Masters (MA and MMUS) and PhD supervision.

At undergraduate level, students can complete a 3 year BA with a concentration in Ethnomusicology or a 4 year BMUS in Ethnomusicology. Students with majors in other departments (such as Anthropology, Journalism, History, etc) can enroll in the Ethnomusicology Programme. Previous training and experience with performance of music is preferred but not required.

The Bachelors degree course offerings of the Ethnomusicology Programme consist of three 45 minute academic lectures per week, one lecture weekly in the performance of African music, and another lecture weekly in transcription. The performance and transcription lectures are held at ILAM. A total of five 45 minute lectures are provided weekly for each course.

The archive, library and instrument collection at ILAM offer special possibilities for research projects, as does our location in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, noted for the many music genres and cultural heritage unique to the region.

The faculty consists of:

Dr. Lee Watkins, PhD in Ethnomusicology, University of Hong Kong
Dr. Boudina McConnachie, PhD in African Languages and Ethonmusicology, Rhodes University


Mr. Elijah Madiba

Mr. Dumisa Mpupha

Mr. Jason Speckman

Mr. Joe Makhanza

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