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Listen & Learn Music made easy

‌ Listen & Learn Music made easy

Listen & Learn Music made easy

Listen & Learn – Music Made Easy is specifically designed to direct teachers without musical training and experience through the fundamentals of music and music-theory. Generous use of illustrations, listening examples, video clips, ILAM archival images, and photos of learners making music in school settings serve to create a unique, user-friendly textbook.

This book is intended to give the African music recorded by ILAM’s founder, Hugh Tracey, back to learners through the schools by publishing lessons that teach using African music. The bulk of the audio tracks on the DVD that accompanies this book are from ILAM field recordings made in Southern Africa. Also included are several video clips produced by ILAM to illustrate certain lessons.


The book offers:

« Easy step-by-step lessons for music content, Creative Arts curriculum for Grades 7 and 8

« Insight into African music

« 70 audio tracks and video clips to enhance the learning experience

« Relevant activities and assessments




The author, Boudina McConnachie (MMus

Ethnomusicology, Rhodes University) is a music

teacher and arts and culture specialist at Victoria

Girls’ High School in Grahamstown and part-time

lecturer at Rhodes University in teacher and music




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