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ILAM Egazini project
ILAM Egazini project

International Library of African Music (ILAM), Rhodes University & Bayreuth University/Germany


RU Anthropolgy & ILAM present

Screening & Discussion

22 June 2023


The Highlife Heritage Concert – Screening & Discussion

Ft. Adhaha Dance Band, The Kundum Trio, Akabaly’s Abiza Band, The Ghana Police Band, The Pop Band of the Music Department of the University of Ghana

Filmed in Accra/Ghana in September 2022, featuring renowned Ghanaian Highlife musicans, highlighting Intangible Cultural Heritage as a creative process and collaborative practice.

Discussion: “What’s the ‘Pop’ in Popular Music Heritage?”

moderated by: Dr. Markus Coester & Dr. Lee Watkins

Afterwards: Musical Get-together @ ILAM



ISINGQI SIKANTU musical experience

24 June 2023

16h00 - 18h00


 Beyond the Digital Return


@ Black Power Station, 28.6.2023

Time: 14h00-18h00



The Highlife Heritage Concert 2022 - Screening 

This Concert Film was recorded and edited in Accra/Ghana as part of the Beyond the Digital Return project and highlights the re/creation of Highlife music as popular music heritage.

The Highlife Heritage Concert 2022 took place on the 22nd September 2022 in Accra/Ghana and was organised and directed by Dr Markus Coester, Kofi Kudonu and the project’s research team members. It comes out of our collaborative research on “The Revitalization and Sustenance of Highlife Jazz.”

Renowned Ghanaian artists featured on the night are the Adaha Dance Band, The Kundum Trio, Akablay’s Abiza Band, the Ghana Police Band, and the Pop Band of the Music Department of the University of Ghana. 


ILAM Listening Session

Time: 16h30-18h00


DJing back Hugh Tracey’s “The Sound of Africa Series.”

The Sound of Africa Series was released on vinyl in the 1960s and 1970s and will present a set of songs from Vinyl records for listening purposes.


New Sounds from the ILAM REMIX project

As part of the Beyond the Digital Return, the International Library of African Music (ILAM) has been engaged in working with Makana DJs and artists remixing Xhosa music and songs from the ILAM archives, giving them a contemporary meaning. Featuring selected artists of the project.


Funded by the Cluster of Excellence: Africa Multiple: Reconfiguring African Studies