The Highlife Heritage Concert 2023, Ghana - Screening & Discussion Live DJ Performance

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Ghana Highlife
Ghana Highlife

Africa Multiple - Cluster of Excellence & ILAM National Arts Festival Outreach Event

@ Black Power Station, Grahamstown/Makhanda, South Africa


The Highlife Heritage Concert 2023, Ghana - Screening & Discussion

Live DJ Performance

27 June 2024 – 16:00 - Black Power Station, Makhanda (National Arts Festival Event)

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The Highlife Heritage Concert 2023 – FEATURE FILM

Screening & Discussion / Live DJ Performance DJ Deep, DJ Ayzoman & Guests


The Highlife Heritage Concert is part of Dr Markus Coester’s collaborative research project on revitalization and sustenance of Highlife-Jazz, the Highlife archive, and “Highlife Heritage,” a subproject in the Africa Multiple – “Beyond the Digital Return” project. [URL] It provides much evidence on its reappropriation and sustained affects of Highlife music.


The concert took place on the 17th July, 2023 in Accra/Ghana. It featured first class bands resident in Ghana, Kwesi Dankwa & His Dzidudu Band, Akablay’s Abiza Band, Henry Taylor & the Saltpond City Band, and the Ghana Police Dance Band. The 2023 edition was a major concert put on during the World Conference of the International Council of Traditional Music – ICTM.   

The screening of the concert film will be followed by the opportunity for a discussion on Highlife music as performed during the concert as well as on the heritage aspect of popular music.


Dr. habil Markus Coester (University of Bayreuth/Germany), Kofi Kudonu, M.A. (Department of Music, University of Ghana), Dr. Lee Watkins ILAM


After this, Makhanda DJs Ayzoman & Deep plus Guests will perform a set of contemporary productions, including those produced as part of ILAM Remix project.



Pop up DJ

National Arts Festival ILAM Pop-Up DJ Sets

“DJing back The Sound of Africa”

Dr. Markus Coester & Elijah Madiba

Selection of Original Vinyls from the Hugh Tracey Collection and ILAM 78s

Kwela & Township Jive

Wed, 26th June 2024 - 12.00-13.30 Lunch Time

Fri, 28th June 2024 - 18:00

@ RU Theatre Café, Makhanda