Bio details:     Monica Hendricks is the Director of the Institute for the Study of English in Africa, Rhodes University.  She teaches and co-ordinates courses for teachers of English as an additional language.  Most are teachers in rural schools in the Eastern and, more recently the Northern, Cape. Her doctoral studies, done at the University of the Witwatersrand, were into bilingual children’s classroom writing. She has a long-standing interest in children’s writing ability as evidenced in their classroom writing and their sense of self, as well as the teaching of writing and how teacher education can change and improve pedagogical writing practices.

 Recently publications include various chapters in South Africa’s Education Crisis: Views from the Eastern Cape (2012) edited by Laurence Wright, in Research-led Teacher Education (2012) edited by Hamsa Venkat & Ruksana Osman, and ‘The Nuts and Bolts of Literacy Development in English as a Second Language: Evidence from Intermediate Phase Classrooms’ The International Journal of Literacies. 20 (3) 1-19. ISSN 2327-0136. http://ijlll.cgpublisher.com/product/pub.254/prod.61.

Contact: m.hendricks@ru.ac.za




  • M G Hendricks, BA, HDE (UCT), BA Hons, MEd (Rhodes), PhD (Witwatersrand)

Research Officer

  • N C Fulani, BEd Hons (Rhodes), SPDT (Cape College), BEd in service (Rhodes)

Research Associates

  • R S Berold, BSc (Eng) (Witwatersrand), MA (Cantab)

  • C J Thurman, BA Hons (Rhodes), MA (London), PhD (UCT)

  • Prof D L Schauffer, BA (Hons) (Natal), MA (Leeds), PhD (Natal


Editor: English in Africa

  • Dr A Birch BA Hons (UCT), MA, D.Litt (UWC)

Editor: New Coin Poetry

  • Mr Kyle Allan

Editor: Shakespeare in Southern Africa

  • C J Thurman, BA Hons (Rhodes), MA (London), PhD (UCT)



Administrative Staff

Administrative Officer

  • C Leff, BA (Witwatersrand), BA (Hons) (Rhodes), MA (Rhodes), PhD (Rhodes)

Publications Officer

  • B Cummings


  • N Kelemi


Other Role Players





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