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Short Course: Creative Writing

Campus Creative Writing Short Course

Ths campus creative writing course has been running since 1998, and continues to attract students both young and old. 

Fifteen classes run on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings during university term time from February until July, providing a structured but free space for students to exercuse their creativity and celebrate the process of writing. The diverse class each year comprises an intake of between 15 and 30 participants, some of whom had enjoyed doing the course previously and eagerly return for more.

Feedback from the students at the end of some of the courses includes the following:

"This course has been one of the highlights of my time in Grahamstown. I really enjoyed having a space to be creative and to practice a skill. The exercises we did were so much fun and often brought up a wide variety of emotions"

"I really appreciated the opportunity to share things that I wouldn't , I feel braver now. I am very sad that this course is over so I would suggest that it be extended beyond its session run! I enjoy the in-depth sharing that happened in small groups so maybe there could be more of that""Overall, I absolutely loved this course - the facilitators were excellent, the work was inspiring and I had fun getting to know people I may not otherwise have met."

"I looked forward to every Thursday evening. The coordinators provided a simple, open, supportive environment. The exercises were invigorating and shook my creative tree. There was sufficient scope to explore my own writing. Although a wonderful, enriching experience that has launched me into poetry writing."

Due to lockdown restrictions, the course was sadly on hold over 2020 and 2021. Happily, however, the 2022 Campus Creative Writing Programme resumed at the beginning of March 2022, with teachers Marike Beyers, Mangaliso Buzani and Crystal Warren. Towards the end of the course, participants all collaborate and put together their own publication, AERIAL, which is then launched before the end of the year.

Details regarding dates for the 2023 Campus Creative Writing Programme will be available towards the end of 2022. Feel free to contact Carol Leff c.leff[at]ru.ac.za for further information.


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