Planning research priorities in the Tsitsa Project

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Matthew Weaver participating in the TP workshop.
Matthew Weaver participating in the TP workshop.

The IWR is home to the Governance Research community of Practice within the Tsitsa Project (TP). The TP is a large project funded by the Department of Environment, Fisheries and Forestry, : natural Resource management. They are investing in the restoration of the Tsitsa River catchment landscape so as to minimise erosion and maximise local livelihoods. Governance Research aims to empower local residents to represent their interests into different government structures such as local municipalities and traditional councils.

wide view of TP workshop

 This week the TP held a workshop to review research outcomes of the last 4 yoears and plan for motivating research funding for the next 3 years. Here Dr Matthew Weaver engages in a role play, acting as the funder, while other TP researchers relate research priorities to the model-process of how research will deliver the outcomes of a health landscape supporting thriving people.

TP workshop poster