Good Old Makhanda

Rhodes lies in what is historically one of the most important areas of South Africa - at the first point of major contact between Black and White. The challenge of poverty, urbanisation and education - indeed the challenge of South Africa - is to be found in the community of Makhanda, providing not only invaluable material for scholar and humanist alike, but also an opportunity to make a direct impact of the lives of many within the town. Rhodes contributes 65% to the GDP of the town and through its community engagement projects seeks to not only foster citizenship amongst its staff and students but also add to the quality of life enjoyed by those in Makhanda.

The city is also situated at the meeting point of four different climate zones, offering botanists, geographers, geologists, hydrologists, entomologists, zoologists, and limnologists an amazingly wide spectrum of conditions right on their doorstep and something for the rest of us to talk about!

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