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After Hours Child Care

The University has many functions and events that are in the evening. It is recognised that these may be difficult for parents to attend given the multiple roles that they play and contingent on their support structures. Acknowledging that child care issues contribute strain on individuals' capacity to attend meetings, functions and events after hours, the provision of child care support aims to provide a range of solutions. While these will have benefit for the individual beneficiary of these funds, it is also seen as a necessary contribution to the university's transformation initiatives.

Support will be provided for functions, events or meetings which are held after official work hours and on weekends or public holidays, hereafter referred to as after hours. The following support is available:

  • The provision of appropriate child-care, ensuring that the carer is experienced and qualified to look after children;
  • The provision of child care will usually be at the University's Day Care Centre. The Centre has mattresses for children but pillows and blankets, etc will have to be provided;
  • Care is only provided for children younger than 10 years of age;
  • The child care will not involve the feeding of children but the provision of snacks and drinks is suitable. Parents are responsible for providing all necessary equipment and food for their children;
  • Care will be provided usually no later than 22h00;
  • Parents can drop off children half an hour before an event and have up to half an hour after an event to collect children provided that this is no later than 22h00.
  • Where necessary, provide funds for parents of children with special needs to use their own child-carer.

 protocol for child care support provision

Indemnity Form for the Provision of Child Care at University Events

If you wish to use this child-care support please note:

  1. Application for support needs to be provided at least 5 working days before the event; and
  2. An application and indemnity form must be submitted directly to the Day Care Centre, preferably electronically to the Co-ordinator of the Centre at b.wakashe@ru.ac.za.

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