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Work and Study Opportunities

The Outlook from Rhodes to Town


Rhodes is the biggest employer in Grahamstown and has a wide variety of challenging positions for those that wish to work in academia and those who are looking for jobs that support the academic project. We employ approximately 1200 permanent staff and have approximately a further 500 staff in contract positions often linked to funding for various projects and initiatives affiliated to the University.

There are numerous training and development opportunities available to Rhodes University Staff: In-house training in the form of workshops, certificate programmes and information sessions are scheduled on an annual basis. Staff may also access funding for development opportunities outside the University from Staff Development Funds. Staff wishing to complete a Masters by thesis or PhD are eligible for a 75% remission on fees.

For more information please go to:
Remission of Fees
Staff Development

For full-time students of the University there are also many work opportunities to work from tutoring undergraduates in academic programmes or being a teaching assistant, assisting with administrative tasks in the library or other support divisions of the institution to being a sub-warden in a student residence. Information about these opportunities is available under "Student Jobs".

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