Rhodes Campus - An ideal work environment 

The View Across the Drostdy Lawns

Over the years the campus has grown - today there are about 150 buildings, including 39 residences. Graced with lovely grounds, 203 hectares in extent, an abundance of sports facilities and nestling in the hills of the beautiful and historic city of Grahamstown, the University offers an ideal physical environment for working and studying. You will live, work, learn and play in elegant plaster and stone-under-tile buildings, several of which are National Monuments. The campus, long considered one of the most beautiful in the country, is situated in the `Festival City of Grahamstown', the home of the National Festival of the Arts, Science Festival (SciFest) and other festivals. A year-round moderate climate lures one outdoors for jogging, walking and cycling. Rhodes offers it staff and students the opportunity to play a wide variety of sports, take art classes and many other diverse recreational activities. The adjacent Botannical Gardens allows staff to the opportunity to relax during the lunch hour assuming that they do not wish to “pop” home.

Rhodes fosters a balanced life-style approach. The campus is small enough for staff and students to make walking and/or cycling a way of life. Nothing is more than 10 minutes away in Grahamstown and a traffic jam consists of 2 or 3 cars ahead of you at the 4-way stop street! In Grahamstown we don’t rush and “rush hour” is fondly known as “rush minute” and takes place when many of the Rhodes employees leave work. With everything being in such close proximity to the work place, many staff go home for lunch or are able to run errands during lunch time. Grahamstown is some fifty minutes from the sea and an hour-and-a-half from the Winterberg Mountains. With the Karoo to the north and the coastal plain to the south, it is ideally situated for a great variety of research and recreation opportunities. Rhodes places value on the family and progressive parental level benefits supports this. In addition, generous leave conditions allow staff the time to spend with their families.

Parental Leave and Benefits Policy

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