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Featured Employee - Aug 2015

Date Released: Wed, 2 September 2015 10:55 +0200

Class of 2008
Current Position: Senior Financial Administrator
Qualifications: National Diploma in Management Assistant, Bookkeeping Certificate, Diploma in Management Accounting and Finance, Financial Accounting Certificate

What is your role in the University?

I oversee approximately 150 institutional accounts.  I do the financial administration of these accounts, preparing financial reports for internal reporting purposes and to funders in accordance with their requirements.  I also monitor the expenditure against the budget etc.

 What do you like about working at Rhodes University?

The diverse culture.  We are also afforded opportunities to develop our skills and qualifications, either by attending courses offered internally or externally.  You continuously learn new things every day.

 What was the most rewarding part of your internship experience?

Nearly every job posting for any position in existence requires work experience in that field, even if the position is supposed to be an entry level job. The internship was like a pre-entry level job for me, where there wasn’t an expectation of job experience. This was the best chance for me, if not the only chance. I was able to get the highly-demanded work experience, without having to already have that work experience first.

 What advice would you give those looking for similar opportunities? 

They must go for it.  Having a qualification without the skills/experience to apply this knowledge in real life means nothing these days. The Internship program helps one combine their academic knowledge with the people, team and communication skills that will allow them to progress in future.