Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human experience as it is lived in different political, socioeconomic and cultural settings. It is a science that offers a description of the range of human emotions, abilities and thought processes. It examines people’s attitudes and motives, both conscious and unconscious.

You can find a video that gives a quick introduction to the department here and another that gives you information about our adminstrative staff here.

A three-year major in Psychology or a two-year major in Organisational Psychology may be read for a degree in the Faculties of Humanities, Commerce and Science. One or two courses in Psychology or Organisational Psychology are allowed as credits for degree/diploma curricula in the Faculty of Law. Psychology 1 is a common first-year credit for students majoring in Psychology or Organisational Psychology. In the second year, students can elect to continue either to Psychology or Organizational Psychology. 

Further information information about the courses offered by the Psychology Department at Rhodes University can eb found below:

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