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Professional Masters Programme in Clinical Psychology

hereThe Masters Courses in Clinical Psychology at Rhodes University is a professional training programmes that provides the foundation that will lead to registration as a Clinical Psychologist with the Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa. To achieve registration you are required to complete the following components to a satisfactory standard:

  • One year of academic and practical training;
  • A research dissertation;
  • A one year internship at an accredited training site;
  • The national examination set by the Professional Board for Psychology;
  • One year in a community service placement, a government paid post.

Professional training at Rhodes was first offered in 1975 — to a single clinical psychology student — under the direction of Professor Dreyer Kruger. At that time, it was one of only two such programmes offered by English-medium universities. We now train twelve students annually, six in Clinical Psychology and six in Counselling Psychology.

The clinical psychology course coordinator is Dr Duane Booysen.

Definition of Clinical Psychology

The shape and form of Clinical Psychology at Rhodes University is influenced by the Scope of Practice of the Profession of Psychology and the Scope of Practice of Clinical Psychologists promulgated in 2011 by the Professional Board of Psychology of the HPCSA, as well as South African literature on clinical psychology training (Ahmed & Pillay, 2004; Kagee, 2006; Pillay & Kritzinger, 2007; Pillay, Ahmed & Bawa, 2013) and recent reviews of mental health services in South Africa (e.g. Lund, Peterson, Kleintjes & Bhana, 2012). In particular, our vision is that the domains of practice of clinical psychology include: assessing, diagnosing and intervening with clients experiencing life challenges, in particular those in psychological distress and/or with forms of  psychopathology; the holistic management of serious mental disorders; applying evidence based psychological interventions to people with psychological or psychiatric conditions; developing practice and research in line with increasing access to humane mental health care which involves recognising the value of short term models of psychotherapy, systemic understandings and interventions, prevention of mental health problems alongside remediation, and a focus on social justice and social betterment as permanent agendas; the promotion of community mental health through less traditional roles such as providing support and training to primary mental health workers, and getting involved in advocacy initiatives, public information campaigns and policy work; and research practices that are locally relevant and directly influence clinical psychology practice. 

Programme starting in 2023

Applications for the Master's degree Programme in Clinical Psychology is now closed.

Each year we select six student clinical psychologists. 

The 2022 Clinical Masters Booklet is available to give you a sense of the academic programme.

The closing date for applications is 6 June 2022. No late applications will be considered.

The selection week will be in person and run from 15 August - 19 August  2022.



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