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Psychology Clinic

The Psychology Clinic is a subsidiary of the Psychology Department at Rhodes University.  It is a clinic that offers psychological assessment and intervention services that are based on the training needs of the student clinical and counselling psychologists (first year master students) and intern counselling psychologists who are based at the clinic.  These psychologists in training work under the close supervision of registered psychologists.

All the professional staff at the clinic subscribe to the ethical standards prescribed by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

The Psychology Clinic offers psychological assessment and psychotherapy for emotional, behavioural and cognitive problems. The kinds of problems we deal with include occupational and academic difficulties,  relationship  conflicts, conduct problems in children, adolescents and adults, anxiety, depression and suicidal feelings, eating disorders, and problems related to use of drugs and alcohol. We do not offer a crisis intervention service.

Our service typically involves a series of meetings with a trainee psychologist across several weeks or even months. We view and approach the person from a holistic perspective. 

Our focus of intervention is informed by two main approaches to therapy, these being psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapies.

We furthermore approach assessment and therapy from a collaborative stance and respect the client’s agency in the process. This includes respecting the right to information of our clients and, in the case of minors, parents and guardians. 

Application for services:

All referrals made to the clinic are screened in line with the training needs and capacity of the psychologists in training and therefore only a percentage of those who apply for services can be seen at the clinic.  We do provide feedback to all applicants and offer a list of resources within the Grahamstown area to those applicants the clinic is not able to assist.  A charge is made for services at the clinic based on a sliding scale.

The Psychology Clinic is managed by the Clinic Coordinator and the Clinic Administrator. 

To apply to acess any of the services that are offered by the clinic, please download, complete and return the form to: 

The clinic administrator, phone: 046 603 8502 or E-­mail: psychologyclinic@ru.ac.za

Information on the Masters in Clinical and Counselling Psychology at Rhodes University

For information and the application forms for the Masters Courses in Clinical and Counselling Psychlogy, please go to to the Masters in Clinical and Counselling Psychology webpage.


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