Professor David Edwards - translation of book into Chinese

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Conscious and Unconscious was published in 2003 by Open University Press (now a Division of McGraw Hill) in the series Core concepts in Therapy. It can be seen on the McGraw Hill website at
Each book in the series examines concepts central to the theory and practice of psychotherapy. The book was largely written by David Edwards, with second author Michael Jacobs a British academic who has authored many books and articles on aspects of psychological counselling and treatment. The original co-author dropped out of the project so Michael, who was series editor and came in as second author, because all books in the series had two authors.

The limits of human self-awareness have fascinated philosophers for millennia and the book begins with a historical overview and the emerging interest in “the unconscious” in Europe in the 19th century. It is a term that has been used in different ways, and because of its links to Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis, some theorists have avoided using the term at all - so they have had to find different ways of speaking about the fact that much of what motivates us and what we feel and even believe is out of awareness most of the time, and not even readily available to awareness even if we look for it. The book traces how this is handled in different schools of psychotherapy including psychodynamic, phenomenological-humanistic and transpersonal approaches as well as in experimental research.

Now the book has been translated into Chinese. David was really surprised when he received the Chinese version in the post as he does not read or understand Chinese himself. But for those who do you can check it out at