Psychology departmental seminars in 2010

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The department of psychology is hosting a series of seminars in which psychology staff will present their current research. The first of this series was a presentation by the Head of Department, Professor Catriona Macleod entitled ‘Culture as a discursive resource to oppose legal abortion’. Professor Macleod presented focus group data collected in the Western Province and Eastern Cape which explored participants’ views of legal abortion. Macleod demonstrated the various ways in which the notion of culture was taken up and used by participants to argue against termination of pregnancy. The presentation sparked lively discussion and was an engaging start to this seminar series. Below is a list of the seminars planned for this year. The venue is the Arthur Lord Seminar in the psychology department. All are welcome.


Friday 30th April, 11am-12pm: Catriona Macleod – Culture as a discursive resource to oppose legal abortion.

Friday 14th May, 11am-12pm: Lisa Saville-Young – Research entanglements, race and recognisability: A psychosocial reading of interview encounters in (post-) colonial, (post-) apartheid South Africa.


Friday 23rd July, 11am-12pm: Clifford Van Ommen – The notion of the malleable and open body as emancipator or oppressive

Friday 6th August, 11am-12pm: Lindy Wilbraham – A narrative-discursive approach to didactic life-writing about HIV/Aids.

Friday 20th August, 11am-12pm: Michael Guilfoyle – Who is the person in narrative therapy?


Friday 10th September, 11am-12pm: Trudy Meehan – From Hermans to Harre through Bakhtin: A dialogical or discursive self?

Friday 1st October, 11am-12pm: Werner Bohmke – A ‘crisis’ in masculinity: Applying a critical Marxist reading to explanations of sex- and gender-based violence in post-Apartheid South Africa.

Friday 15th October, 11am-12pm: Prabashini Appalsamy – Towards an integrative process model of suicidal behaviour

Friday 29th October, 11am-12pm: Natalie Donaldson – Talking about images of lesbians in popular television shows in South Africa.