Prof Michael Guilfoyle's work included in Critical Psychology collection

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Prof Michael Guilfoyle's paper, "From Therapeutic Power to Resistance? Therapy and Cultural Hegemony", has been recognised by Ian Parker, and included in a four volume work entitled "Critical Psychology". This collection, which includes the work of such authors as Michel Foucault, Rom Harre, Michael White, and Judith Butler, is described as "an authoritative reference work" which  "brings together foundational and the best and most influential cutting-edge materials, including key works produced before the term 'critical psychology' gained wide currency but which anticipate approaches now included under that rubric." The inclusion of Guilfoyle's paper therefore marks an important recognition of his work. His paper explores the link between therapeutic practices and broader socio-cultural processes, focusing on narrative therapy. Guilfoyle asks whether it is reasonable for a therapeutic approach to claim that it offers resistance against hegemonic social practices.