Professor Megan Campbell

Associate Professor & Counselling Psychologist

Coordinator of the Professional Training in Counselling Psychology

MA Counselling Psychology, PhD (Rhodes University)

Registered Counselling Psychologist (HPCSA No: PS 0110892)


Phone: +27(0)46 603 8047

Psychology Clinic 


Having started my career as a Psychometrist and Lay Counsellor, I completed my professional training as a Counselling Psychologist in 2009 with an internship at the Rhodes Clinic and the Student Counselling Centre. I was particularly drawn to relational psychotherapy, and gained experience working with children using non-directive play therapy and adults in individual and couples therapy modalities. I joined the PsySSA Counselling Psychology division as vice-chair and developed a passionate interest in the professional practice and identity of counselling psychology. Three years later I graduated with my PhD which included a visiting scholarship at the University of Tilburg and University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. My PhD exposed me to crucial debates in the assessment field about the problems associated with universal applications of psychiatric nosology, the role of idioms of distress and explanatory illness models in symptom presentation and treatment, and the value of the cultural formulation. In 2013 I moved to Cape Town and joined the UCT Psychiatry Department as a research fellow. Funded by WHO, I co-ordinated South African field studies evaluating the clinical utility of proposed ICD-11 revisions to diagnostic criteria for sexuality-related conditions. I then joined the Genomics of Schizophrenia in South African Xhosa people (SAX) study, funded by the US NIMH. I led work on the ethics of psychiatric genomics and culturally specific explanatory illness models pertaining to schizophrenia and its related symptoms, in our study sample. Currently, I’m a collaborator on a UK Wellcome Trust project that explores the contribution African philosophy and knowledge could make in the field of global mental health. Over the years I’ve continued to grow my psychotherapy practice with a focus on relational psychotherapy and most recently completed my clinical training in Imago Therapy. My psychotherapy approach draws from shorter term solution-focused and cognitive behaviour therapy models and longer term psychodynamic principles.     

Current teaching Areas

  • Couples therapy
  • Crisis intervention
  • HIV/AIDS counselling

Research Interests

  • Prevalence of psychiatric disorders
  • Intervention research using best practice evidence to guide clinical intervention strategies
  • Effectiveness of clinical interventions using relevant outcome measures.


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Completed Postgraduate Supervision


Olivia Mashabane. (2019). PhD Medicine, UCT: Stigma in genomics research on schizophrenia and rheumatic heart disease (co-supervisor)


Judith Bosche. (2019). MMed Psychiatry, UCT: HIV status and subjective-wellbeing in a sample of Xhosa people with schizophrenia in South Africa (co-supervisor)

Invited speaker

  • Global Mental Health Programme - Columbia University, Manhattan, New York, December 2016: Topic: Traditional healers and global mental health
  • Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine Conference – Cape Town, South Africa, April 2016: Topic: Building relationships through community engagement
  • H3Africa Community Engagement workshop – Stellenbosch, Wester Cape, South Africa, March 2016: Topic: Evaluation strategies for Community engagement on Stigma in African Genomics study
  • H3Africa Community Engagement workshop – Livingston, Zambia, May 2015: Topic: Community engagement on the SAX study

Working Groups

  • African Ethics Working Group on Neuropsychiatric Genomics funded by Oxford University, 2016-2018
  • H3Africa Ethics, Regulatory Issues and Community Engagement Working Group funded by the US NIH, 2013-2018


2014 Knowledge Interchange and Collaboration award - NRF

2014 URC University of Cape Town Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

2012 South African-UV University Amsterdam-Strategic Alliance

2011 South African Netherlands Research Programme on Alternative Development

2010 Andrew Mellon Citizens Scholarship


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