Ms Dineo Diale

Ms Carol Diale

Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

Bcom Industrial & Organisational Psychology; Bcom Hons in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (UNISA); Mcom Industrial Psychology (University of Pretoria)

Registered as an Industrial Psychologist with the Health Profession Council of South Africa.


Phone: +27 46 603 7379


While doing second and final year in Masters Degree, Ms Diale was busy with her Internship in Industrial Psychology at the Military Psychological Institute (Department of Defense). She has also gained experience in Local Government as well as tutoring experience at UNISA within Industrial and Organisational Psychology Department.


Organisational Development, Organisational Behavior, Leadership, entrepreneurship Environmental Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Diversity Management, Transformation, Ubuntu in the workplace, Strategic Human Resource, Employee and Organisational Wellbeing, Assessments and Career Counselling.

Current teaching areas

  • Human Resource Psychology (2nd year)
  • Career Psychology (3rd year)
  • Career and Personnel Psychology (Honours level)

Masters Dissertation

Diale, C. D. (2016). Black African women in South African male dominated entrepreneurial environments (Unpublished master’s dissertation). University of Pretoria, Pretoria.

Conference Presentation

Diale C. D. (2018, July). Black African women in South African male dominated entrepreneurial environments. Paper presented at the 20th annual conference for the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology. The art of Collaboration: complexity and uncertainty, capability and a collaborative enterprise, cooperation and coordination within social processes.   Pretoria.







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