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Ms Dineo Diale







Lecturer in Organisational Psychology and Organisational Psychology Course Coordinator


Registered as an Industrial Psychologist with the Health Profession Council of South Africa.

  1. c.diale@ru.ac.za
  2. Human Resource Psychology (2nd year)
  3. Career Psychology (3rd Year)
  4. Career and Personnel Psychology (Honours level)

Phone: +27 46 603 7379

Psychology Department,



Ms Diale trained as an Industrial Psychologist trainee at the Military Psychological Institute (Department of Defense), which led to registration as an Industrial Psychologist after passing HPCSA board exam. She has also gained experience in Local Government, Mercedes Benz, Child Welfare Tshwane as well as tutoring experience at UNISA within Industrial and Organisational Psychology Department before joining Rhodes University. In 2018 Ms Diale participated in staff exchange programme funded by EU Erasmus in support to visit Leicester University in the United Kingdom. Below are summary roles, Ms Diale is responsible for:


Educational Background

Bcom Industrial & Organisational Psychology; Bcom Hons in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (UNISA); Mcom Industrial Psychology (University of Pretoria).

Phd Candidate in Multi-disciplinary in Industrial  Engineering, Industrial Psychology, Green Economy and Entrepreneurship of which Ms Diale has Passed Proposal stage. (UNISA)




 Research Interests:  Green economy, System dynamics, Entrepreneurship, Organisational Development, Organisational Behavior, Leadership, Personnel Psychology, Human Resource Psychology, Diversity Management, Transformation, Ubuntu/Botho in the workplace, Strategic Human Resource, Employee and Organisational Wellbeing, Assessments and Career Counselling, guidance and management, Renewable Energy, Ergonomics, Environmental Psychology.



Teaching areas


Post graduate supervision


Masters supervision to completion


  • Supervised 3 Masters by Thesis/ MA currently to completion on her own (100% research).
  • Supervised and graduated 10 honours students during the year 2018 and 2021.




Honours research project supervision to completion



  • In 2020 Ms Diale was on sabbatical
  • Currently co supervising a PhD student with a colleague
  • Currently supervising a Masters by thesis students with effect from 2022 as well as 3 honours students on her own



Current post graduate supervision (2022)



Research Publications


Diale C.D., & Carrim, M. (2022) Experiences of Black African women entrepreneurs in the South African male-dominated entrepreneurial environments. Journal of Psychology in Africa, 32 pp 216–223, DOI:10.1080/14330237.2021.2018109



Diale, C. D., Kanakana-Katumba, M. G., Maladzhi, R. W., von der Ohe, H., Diale, C. D., & Kanakana-Katumba, G. M. Ecosystem for 4th Industrial Revolution to Accelerate Sustainable Development Goals in the South African Context: A Conceptual Framework.



Diale D. (2022). Contextualising the determinants of job embeddedness in the higher learning institution with the lenses of African culture. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and change 16. 474-491.


Diale D. (2022). Sense of Community: Perceptions of “Inter-Intra” Collaborations in an Academic Environment through the Lenses of Botho Principles and the Field of industrial Psychology. International Journal of Higher Education. Sciedu publisher



Diale, C.D., Kanakana-Katumba, M.G., Maladzhi RW (2021) Ecosystem of Renewable Energy Enterprises for Sustainable Development: A Systematic Review, Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal, 6, (1) 401-408 [Scopus Indexed]



Diale, C.D., Kanakana-Katumba, M.G., Maladzhi RW (2021)Environmental Entrepreneurship as an Innovation Catalyst for Social Change: A Systematic Review as a Basis for Future Research, Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal, 6 (1) 393-400.  [Scopus Indexed]





Diale, C. D., Kanakana-Katumba, G., & Maladzhi, R. W. (2019, December). Green Entrepreneurship Model Utilising the System Dynamics Approach: A Review. In 2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM) (pp. 384-389). IEEE.





Research, Symposium and conference presentations


Participated and presented an accredited conference proceeding in the 3rd African International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

Nsukka, Nigeria, April 5-7, 2022

Host: University of Nigeria, Nsukka


Participated and presented at the 1st annual French South Africa Science Innovation days in 2019 within the fields of environmental entrepreneurship, system dynamics and renewable energy.


Presented the oral Paper on Green entrepreneurship model utilizing the system dynamics approach a review in 2019 in China Macau


Presented at the HELTASA conference with the topic Sense of innovation: Teaching with technology as an    additional mechanism or a replacement in higher learning institution in 2019.


Presented a paper Away with pots: Black African women in South African male dominated entrepreneurial environments paper presented at 20th annual conference for the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology. The art of Collaboration: complexity and uncertainty, capability and a collaborative enterprise, cooperation and coordination within social processes.   Pretoria.



Presented at the 1st annual virtual SIOPSA conference in 2020 with the topic Exploration of Industrial Psychologist's role in a period of transitioning into green economy: A selected review’. SIOPSA Leading through innovation, navigating the new world of work



Academic citizenship [Support and leadership roles]


  • Member of Humanities Faculty Board meeting.
  • Faculty of Humanities teaching and learning representative



  • Member of entrepreneurial committee internally as well as externally i.e EDHE
  • Occasional reader on Departmental ethics committee



  • General Psychology 2 Course Coordinator from 2017-2019
  • Organisational Psychology Honours Course Coordinator from 2021



  • External examiner and moderator both undergraduate and post graduate in the field of Industrial and Organisational Psychology and MBA.
  • Informally mentoring students and members of the community including church members.




  1. 8 Additional on the Job training
  2. Catalyst assessors course attended and certified as competent completed in first 6 months after joining Rhodes facilitated by Rhodes university



  • Doctoral Supervision course- First collaboration course between Africa and Europe in strengthening post graduate supervision attended and certified as competent in 2020 completed within 3 months facilitated by Rhodes university and partners from various neighboring African countries and Europe
  • Community based service learning course attended and certified competent in 2019 within 3 months facilitated by Rhodes university
  •  Writing in academia course attended in 2019
  • APIL B Psychometric test training by Apro-lab attended and accredited to use
  •  Learning potential computerised adaptive testing (LPCAT) Psychometric test training attended and accredited to use
  • Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) by   Cognadev attended and accredited to use.


 Special award

 Awarded a special award by the Nelson Mandela University in the year 2021








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