Abortion Counselling Practices and Services in the Public Health Sector of South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province

Prof Vincent as project leader, Prof Macleod as collaborator

This project aims to provide an overview of abortion counselling taking place in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and to document and interpret the experiences of those who provide counselling and those who receive it. It will do so in order to provide the necessary knowledge base that can inform the development of more adequate abortion counselling services and practices. The project will:

  • survey fixed public health clinics, community health centres and designated public sector termination facilities in the Eastern Cape to determine whether counselling is being provided and if so, what its nature and extent is;
  • gather counselling training materials and counselling information materials as well as conduct observations at those public health sites where, the initial survey reveals, counselling is taking place;
  • conduct interviews with a selection of those who are tasked with offering counselling and those who receive and experience counselling;
  • critically analyse and interpret the collected materials, observation records and interview transcripts in the context of published comparative research from other national health provision contexts.

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