Life Orientation sexuality programmes

Prof Macleod as project leader, Prof Vincent, Prof Baxen, Prof Kruger, Prof Shefer, Prof Richters, Ms Mnyaka, Ms Ngabasa as collaborators

The overall aim of this research project is to contribute to Life Orientation sexuality programmes specifically in terms of addressing normative gender narratives, practices and power relations within which inequitable and coerced sex and the accompanying problems of unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of HIV and other STIs take place. The research questions guiding this research are: How do Life Orientation sexuality programmes challenge and/or reproduce normative constructions of gender and gendered power relations? In what ways could a critical gender lens that facilitates gender transformation and gender justice be incorporated into Life Orientation sexuality programmes?


Using the critical gender lens referred to above, the research will examine current Life Orientation sexuality education programmes through analysing, in two provinces in South Africa:

  •  Life Orientation materials available to educators
  • Educators’ and learners’ reported practices and experiences around the implementation of these programmes;
  • Implementation practices in the classroom.

On the basis of this analysis, a review of the literature, and theoretical understandings of gender relations, the researchers will develop recommendations for policy and practice in Life Orientation programmes in terms of speaking to gender relations within the context of heterosexual sexual relations and broader gender justice.


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